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Simple Living Calendar

Simple Living Calendar

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Do you wish you could have a daily reminder to live more simply? 

Now you do! 

Get a daily task that will help you to slow down and enjoy life more. To bring back some of the treasure of the past and incorporate them into your life today. 

How it came about: 

Life is busy and many times we tend to go through out days on auto pilot. Simple living helps you to be present. To notice the joy and remove the stress by focusing on the positive. 

But remembering to slow down can be hard. To help I created a calendar that will gently guide you to the basics of living in the moment. 


This is a convenient downloaded product so you can put the easy into cleaning your entire home. 


  • How to simplify your finances to remove money stress. 
  • How to simplify your home by removing excess stuff and freeing up space. 
  • How to bring back age old habits of sending letters, reading books, and visiting with friends. 


  • A 12-month calendar with a suggestion of what you can do each day to slow down and simplify.
  • No dates are on the calendar so you can use it year after year.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


You will receive three PDF pages you can download and print with your home printer.


After purchase you will receive a confirmation message with a link that you can use to instantly download your product.

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