Our Story

The tools and the help you need to create a home you love. 

Hello there! My name is Tracy Lynn and I am a reformed clutter-bug. I spent years living in chaos thinking things would never get better.

I tried to remove the mess but I found that hiding it was easier.

Or so, I thought.

After a few close calls, all due to too much mess, I realized I needed to fix things. I scoured the library and took out all the books on decluttering and organizing that I could find. They made it seem so easy with their pretty boxes and tidy cabinets. They would briefly explain their decluttering process and I was left alone to make it work in my own home.

Easy to see on paper, much harder to do in real life. It was no surprise that nothing stuck. Nothing worked.

I realized that I needed a step by step process that would take me from the mess I was in and transform things slowly. Intentionally. So as my home transformed I would too.

After searching and not finding what I needed, I decided to create my own system. One that would take me from removing the clutter to cleaning the space to organizing and streamlining things in a way that made perfect sense to me and my clutter mentality.

Declutter in Minutes is that system. The one I created all those years ago and still use today.

From our incredibly popular decluttering calendar, to our books, planners, and even our membership group. I just know you will find the help you need to finally create a home you and your family will love.