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Declutter in Minutes

Office Fast Fix

Office Fast Fix

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Home Office Fast Fix Video Course plus Project Checklist bundle. 

Streamline the papers, documents, bill paying, and office area in your home. 

Let me ask you a few questions.....

  • Are there papers taking over every room in your home? 
  • Is your home budget nonexistent? 
  • Do you spend time searching for papers never really finding what you need? 

If any of these questions describe you, this Fast Fix is just what you need!

You'll love these simple yet effective projects that will get your paper under control as well as create an office space that is neat and organized. 

Tackle it all in just 4 weeks and transform this important area into an efficient part of running your home.

    What You'll Learn: 

    • How to organize a filing system that fits your family and time of life. 
    • Tips for keeping papers where they belong. 
    • Organizing ideas for your desk and office area.
    • Tips for setting up an office even if you don't have one. 
    • Tips for receipts, appointments, vehicle care and more! 

    This mini-course takes out the overwhelm of decluttering this important area and give you tips on how to keep your papers organized the easy way. 


    >>>> Do you wish you could declutter, clean, and organize every room in your home? This is just what we do in the Declutter in Minutes Membership Group! 

    Each month we tackle a room as a group mapping out projects for decluttering, giving actionable lists so you can stay on track, a show and tell of organizing inspiration and so much more!!

    Find out more here! 

    Because, sometimes you can't do it along....and now, you won't have to! 



    You'll Receive:

    • Four projects that you can work on one week at a time.
    • A video that lays out each project in an easy to understand way.
    • A checklist for each project making it easier to get things done.
    • Bonus tips to keep clutter gone for good.
    • Organizing videos to show you different ways to organize this room.
    • And more!

    You will get access to a printable decluttering checklists and access to a video course that will walk you through each step to declutter, clean, and organize your way to a room you love to be in.


    After purchase you will receive a confirmation message with instructions on how to access your purchase that is housed in Podia.

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