Please note that all of my products are digital courses or PDF downloads.
Please note that all of my products are digital courses or PDF downloads.
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Declutter & Simplify Bootcamp
Declutter & Simplify Bootcamp
Declutter in Minutes

Declutter & Simplify Bootcamp

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Imagine if:

You woke up each morning in a bedroom where the only thing messy were the sheets on your bed?

Where you are greeted by the smell of coffee in the kitchen and a bathroom sink that is full of shine. 

And what if your morning breakfast was a peaceful moment to enjoy instead of a mad dash of rushing kids out the door only to realize they forgot their permission slip or their lunch?

No more tripping over scattered toys in the family room or digging through a pile of wrinkled laundry for work clothes. 

Wait, does that sound too good to be true? 

Well, I am here to tell you that is doesn't have to be. 


Welcome to Declutter and Simplify Bootcamp! 

A full-on 21-day course that will help you declutter every area of your home and life. 

Each day focuses on a different room or area taking you through every step of the purging, cleaning out, and organizing process. 

This is a self-led course that you can take at your own pace.  It gives you daily walkthroughs that you can do one day at a time or spread it out to one week at a time. Whatever works best for you! 

Course Curriculum

Day 1 -Set the stage.

Day 2 -Drop/Depart Zone

Day 3 - Kitchen Zones

Day 4 - Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

Day 5 - Kitchen Drawers, Pantry, and Refrigerator

Day 6 - Catchup, Freezer

Day 7 - Schedule

Day 8 - Master Bedroom

Day 9 - Master Closet

Day 10 - Bathrooms

Day 11 - Remaining Closets

Day 12 - Remaining Bedrooms

Day 13 -Catch up day, Vehicle

Day 14 - Planning

Day 15 - Office

Day 16 - Family Room

Day 17 - Toy/Craft Room

Day 18 - Basement/Attic/Storage Room

Day 19 - Garage/Porch or additional area

Day 20 - Catch up

Day 21 - Maintenance Plan



Stop dreaming and start doing!