Please note that all of my products are digital courses or PDF downloads.
Please note that all of my products are digital courses or PDF downloads.
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2021 Organizing Calendar
2021 Organizing Calendar
Declutter in Minutes

2021 Organizing Calendar

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The ultimate baby step tool that will help you fit a big job like this into your decluttering schedule without freaking you out.

I know you have heard people say before. You can declutter in 30 days! Not only is this statement misleading and untrue but I do not recommend it.

A room? Absolutely. An entire home? Not going to happen.

When you are looking to clean out your home so you can organize it into one you love, fast is just not going to work.

Rushing through the letting go process is only going to leave you with a temporarily tidy room. And before you know it, you will have clutter showing back up in no time.

If you remove the clutter slowly, intentionally, you will learn to see your thing differently. As just that……things. Items you have in your home that you use to help you and your family get through your day.

Not treasures that you simply cannot let go of, but items that are useful. Things you need but not necessarily love.

And that is why I love baby steps so much.

When you can take a large job like decluttering a room and break it down into small steps, ones you can work on slowly throughout the month you will begin to change your view of your things.

This is a full year (12 months) worth of calendars with 1 baby step task a day to help you get organized. 

Stop trying to take on huge and overwhelming projects. All it takes is little bite-sized pieces. 

Get your Calendar today!

Need more in-depth help organizing and decluttering? Check out this Decluttering Planner that comes with a Course and a trial membership to my Declutter in Minutes Membership Group. Check it out HERE.

***Please know that this product is sold as a digital download that you can instantly download and print at home. This is NOT a physical "shipped to you" product. Upon purchase, you will receive access to the file just as soon as you check out. Thank you! ***