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Family Home Hub Set Up

Family Home Hub Set Up

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Family Home Hub Set Up - Video Courses + Planner Pages!

Streamline the comings and going of your family, the running of your home, pet care, party planning, budgets, projects and more! 

Let me ask you a few questions.....

  • Do you feel that you are constantly running late day in and day out? 
  • Is your family forgetting uniforms, appointments, and permission slips? 
  • Do you feel as if you are letting important things slip through the cracks? 

If any of these questions describe you, then a Family Home Hub is exactly what you need! 

A Family Home Hub is what took our family from chaotic and stressed to organized and on time.  

This video course and planner bundle is enough to get you on your way to removing the stress for good. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • How to streamline a calendar so it's a helpful tool. 
  • Color coding tips for any sized family. 
  • How to get everyone on board using your new hub. 
  • And so much more! 

This video course and starter pages will get you started streamlining this crucial part of your busy home. 



You'll Receive:

• A walk through video course that will show you what a home hub is.
• Tips on creating a layout that fits your family from empty nester to a large busy family.
• Worksheets that will help you set things up the best way.
• Planner pages you can use to start a hub today.
• And more!

A workbook and access to a video course that will walk you through each step to organize the running of your home and how to setup a home hub to make this all easier and more efficient.


After purchase you will receive a confirmation message with instructions on how to access your purchase that is housed in Podia.

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